AENO Table Blender-Soupmaker TB2: 800W,  28000 rpm, boiling mode, high borosilicate glass cup, 1.75L, 6 automatic programs, pres

AENO Table Blender-Soupmaker TB2: 800W, 28000 rpm, boiling mode, high borosilicate glass cup, 1.75L, 6 automatic programs, pres

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    2 години
223,92 лв.
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AENO Table Blender-Soupmaker TB2: 800W, 28000 rpm, boiling mode, high borosilicate glass cup, 1.75L, 6 automatic programs, preset time, LED-display

AENO Cooking Blender TB2
Healthy and delicious meals - easy
Cooking Mode
1.75 L Glass Bowl
6 Automatic Programs
Cooking Mode
The blender allows you not only to grind, but also to cook various dishes like in a regular saucepan. Just put the food in, set the desired mode, press the Start button and wait till it's done. Making cream soup or porridge has never been so easy.
6 Automatic Programs
Corn / Cereals
Cream Soup
Fruits / Veggies
1.75 L Glass Bowl
Heat-resistant glass does not emit harmful substances during the preparation of cold or hot dishes. The large volume will allow the whole family to enjoy healthy and tasty dishes for a long time.
8 Stainless Steel Knives
Designed to thoroughly grind even the hardest products at high speeds of up to 28,000 rpm. The knives also have special teeth that serve as ice crushers.
Compartment for Additional Products
Thanks to a special hole in the top cover of the blender, you can add products without needing to stop it from working.

How It Works

Intuitive Controls
Convenient touch controls in a few clicks will launch the desired mode. The backlit display will show information about the selected automatic program, the temperature, and the remaining time until the end of the program.
Self-Cleaning Mode
Makes it much easier to clean the bowl after use. You just need to add 500 ml of water, a little cleaning solution, and select the self-cleaning mode.
Delayed Start Timer
Fill the blender bowl with food in advance, select the desired cooking program, and then the time by which you want to delay the start of the program.
The blender automatically turns off after the end of the program, when the top cover is opened, the blender is removed from the base, or when the motor overheats. Contacts are hidden under a rubber seal that prevents dust and moisture from entering, and thanks to the rubberized feet, the blender does not slip and remains steady on any flat surface.
Что еще есть в коробке?
Плечевой ремень
Настенное крепление
Основная щетка
Пластиковая щетка-скребок
Металлическая щетка-скребок
Круглая щетка-скребок + накладка из ткани
Щетка 2-в-1 + фиксатор, накладка из ткани, накладка из поролона
Насадка для чистки ковров + две накладки из ткани
What Else Is in the Box?
Measuring Cup
80 ml
Food Pusher
Cleaning Brush
Net weight
4.6 Kg
Bowl size
1.75 L
Rated power
800 W
Online recipe book
Delicious recipes, specially designed for automatic grill programs, which are regularly updated by a professional chef.

Технически детайли

Kitchen Appliance Type:Blender
Kind of Appliance:Blender - Table Blender-Soupmaker
Характеристики:Antislip Feet
Ice Crush Mode
Touch Control Panel
LED Display
Cleaning Mode
Max Temperature 100°C
Preset Start Timer 24H
8-Blade Knife
Built-in Heating Element/Boiling Mode
Refill Port
Airtight Top Lid
e-Recipe Book
Sound Indication
Материал на кутия:ABS пластмаса
Stainless Steel
Knife Material:Stainless Steel
Minimum Speed:14000 rpm
Maximum Speed:28000 rpm
Maximum Noise Level:92 dB
Minimum Noise Level:82 dB
Set Includes:Stirring Bar
Measuring Cup 80 ml
Cleaning Brush
Protection:Auto Power Off
Auto Power Off When Overheating
Programs Quantity:6 Automatic Programs
Automatic Programs:Nut/Soy Milk
Cream Soup
Cord Length (m):1.2 m
Външен цвят:Бял
Blender Bowl:1.75 Lx1, Borosilicate Glass
Дълбочина:230 мм
Височина:420 мм
Ширина:200 мм
Номинално тегло:4.6 кг
Напрежение на входа:AC 220-240 V
Честота на входа:50/60 Hz
Максимално изходно захранване:800 W
Power Consumption Stand By:0.5 W
Максимална температура на околната среда:35 °C
Минимална температура на околната среда:15 °C
Макс. околна температура в изключен режим:40 °C
Мин. неработна околна температура:-10 °C
Макс. влажност на околния въздух:80 %
Мин. работна влажност на въздуха:0 %
Макс. влажност на въздуха в изключен режим:80 %
Мин. влажност в неработен режим:45 %
Гаранционни продукти - подлежащи на връщане:Да
Гаранционни условия (месец):24 мес.
Критерии за валидност на гаранцията:Сериен номер
Дълбочина на пакета (мм):397 мм
Широчина на пакет (мм):257 мм
Височина на пакет (мм):290 мм
Тегло на пакет - Бруто (кг):5.85 кг
Тегло на пакет - Нето (кг):4.6 кг
Брой в пакет:1
Дълбочина на кашон (мм):530 мм
Ширина на кашон (мм):415 мм
Височина на кашон (мм):625 мм
Тегло на кашон - Бруто (кг):23.4 кг
Retail Packaging Net Weight Carton:0.4 кг
Retail Packaging Net Weight Plastic:0 кг
Пакети в кашон:4
Тип пакет:С опаковка
EAN код:5291485010973


MPN: ATB0002
EAN: 5291485010973
Производител: AENO