AENO Steam Mop SM1, with built-in water filter, aroma oil tank, 1000W, 110 °C, Tank Volume 380mL, Screen Touch Switch

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AENO Steam Mop SM1, with built-in water filter, aroma oil tank, 1000W, 110 °C, Tank Volume 380mL, Screen Touch Switch

Steam Mop SM1
Steam almighty! Kills up to 99%
of germs and fungi in seconds.
Ready to use in 17 seconds
110°C + adjustablesteam control
Up to 18 minutes with a fool water tank
5 brushes, carpet glider, shoulder strap
Less time scrabbing
Using a steam mop is quick and nearly effortless. It takes about 15-17 seconds to heat the mop! Then you just change brushes and glide around, while the steam does all the hard work.
Kills up to 99% of harmful
Floors, walls, furniture and more
By changing the diverse brushes, you can easily clean off the stubborn dirt in the entire home. Floors and carpets, walls, doors, windows, tabletops, curtains or even shoes, clothes and toys – any surfaces, which tolerate 110°C.
2 rooms + kitchen
The water tank of 380 ml allows you to thoroughly clean during 15-18 minutes without refilling.
Product Hints
Touchscreen display
to turn on/off, indicate the temperature or adjust the steam power
Steam power adjustment
two modes: an orange indicator for maximum power, white for normal
380 ml water tank
fitted with water filtration, allows to clean for 15-18 min
Aroma oil inlet
to leave a pleasant aroma after cleaning
What is in the box
Shoulder strap
Wall bracket
Main brush
Plastic scraper brush
Metal scraper brush
Round scraper brush + cloth cover
Two-in-one brush with retainer, foam pad and cloth cover
Carpet glider
+ 2 cloth covers
There is no need
for toxic chemicals
Hot steam easily kills pathogens and nasty odours. Moreover, there is a separate inlet on the brush
for aromatherapy oils. One or two drops would be enough to fill your space with a beautiful scent.
Tap water is okay
There is a water filtration system in the mop, it captures minerals and other contaminants, making your life easier and extending the lifespan of the mop.

Технически детайли

Appliance Type:Steam Mop
Water tank capacity:380 ml
Характеристики:Removable Water Tank
Dry Tank Protection
LED Display with Temperature Indication
Touch Screen
Auto Power Off
Vertical & Horizontal Steaming (Gravity Ball)
Aroma Oil & Desinfectant Container
2 Steam Intensity Modes
Water Filter
Set of Nozzles for Multifunctionality
Application:Tile Joints
Kitchen Appliance
Clothe Steaming
Windows and Mirrors
Sanitary Ware
Steam Temperature:110 °C
Steam Supply Rate:17 g/min
Heating Time:17 s
Време за работа (мин.):35 min
Cord Length (m):5 m
Материал на кутия:ABS пластмаса
Built-in Water Filter:Yes
Steam Pressure:3 bar
Vacuum Cleaners Included Accessories:Wall Bracket
Extension Hose
Shoulder Strap
Plastic Scraper Brush
Metal Scraper Brush
Round Scraper Brush with Cloth Cover
Two-in-one Brush with Retainer
Foam Pad and Cloth Cover
Cloth Cover for Carpets
Carpet Glider
Descaling Pin
Максимална температура на околната среда:40 °C
Минимална температура на околната среда:-5 °C
Макс. околна температура в изключен режим:40 °C
Мин. неработна околна температура:-5 °C
Макс. влажност на околния въздух:70 %
Мин. работна влажност на въздуха:20 %
Макс. влажност на въздуха в изключен режим:70 %
Мин. влажност в неработен режим:20 %
Напрежение на входа:AC 220-230 V
Честота на входа:50/60 Hz
Максимално изходно захранване:1000 W
Ширина:251 мм
Височина:1130 мм
Дълбочина:146 мм
Номинално тегло:1.3 кг
Гаранционни продукти - подлежащи на връщане:Да
Гаранционни условия (месец):24 мес.
Критерии за валидност на гаранцията:Сериен номер
Дълбочина на пакета (мм):275 мм
Широчина на пакет (мм):144 мм
Височина на пакет (мм):690 мм
Тегло на пакет - Бруто (кг):4.1 кг
Тегло на пакет - Нето (кг):2.95 кг
Брой в пакет:1
Дълбочина на кашон (мм):308 мм
Ширина на кашон (мм):295 мм
Височина на кашон (мм):715 мм
Тегло на кашон - Бруто (кг):8.9 кг
Retail Packaging Net Weight Carton:1.15 кг
Retail Packaging Net Weight Plastic:0 кг
Пакети в кашон:2
Тип пакет:С опаковка
EAN код:5291485010768


MPN: ASM0001
EAN: 5291485010768
Производител: AENO